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At Beyond Balanced we believe that markets are largely efficient so rather than try to beat the markets we use the power of the markets to let the market work for you. We look to build well-diversified portfolios with mainly low cost institutional mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Before we invest funds on your behalf, we will review your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations, income needs, and any unique needs that you might have. 

The goal defers from trying to beat the market to focus on the things we can control such as fees, taxes, liquidity, and exposures to risk. We do three things in the investment management process that our clients are not able to do.

  • we are able to manage investments without involving emotion, avoiding the Behavior Gap below,
  • we free up time for our clients by managing assets on their behalf,
  • we use investment strategies that are backed by decades of academic research.

Cost: Fees begin at 0.95% of assets under management.

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