We’re here to help you with those prickly situations.


We love collaborating with our clients to help bring clarity to their financial lives and confidence in their financial decisions. Our role is to walk with you, listen to you, help you avoid missteps, and offer informed advice based on what matters most to you.


Perfect for getting on track!


This is an overall assessment of your finances to see
whether you’re on track and includes:


  • Focusing on 1-2 of your most important goals
  • Reviewing and helping you prioritize your goals
  • Designing a budget that fits your personal needs
  • Completing a cash flow analysis
  • Creating a plan for automating your finances
  • Creating a customized debt payoff plan
  • A 2-month engagement with a CFP® professional

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN – $1,200 – $5,000

Includes everything from the FOUNDATIONS PLAN plus a
review of the following areas:


  • Planning for major goals or upcoming expenses
  • Reducing risk with adequate insurance coverages
  • Employee Benefits including retirement plan
  • Protecting assets with proper estate planning
  • Finding all possible tax deductions and credits
  • Reviewing investments, and allocations among accounts
  • A 3-month engagement with a CFP® professional.

Comprehensive financial plans will vary in price depending on complexity. Project-based engagements are available at the hourly rate of $125/hour.


A living, breathing financial plan.

ONGOING PLANNING – $137 to $350 monthly

(Planning fee waived for clients with $250k+ in assets under management)

Financial planning is a process, not a one-time event. We work with you in a collaborative approach which results in a cohesive financial strategy tailored to your needs. Over the course of several meetings – with a mixture of discussions, education, and ongoing advice – we address any gaps and opportunities found. We give you clarity, by simplifying complex topics and helping you prioritize your goals based on what matters most.

We believe in financial education because when you have a clear understanding of your finances and a solid plan in place, you are empowered to make informed decisions. From our initial discovery meeting to implementation assistance and ongoing support, your progress is something we continually monitor and we adjust your plan as needed. Life changes and plans change, so will your finances evolve over time. Our goal is to keep you on target and engaged so you walk away each time more knowledgeable and confident than the last.

The first month consists of three up-front meetings: A get to know you meeting, a meeting where we get organized, and a meeting where we present your initial action items. From there, we check in on your progress and will update the plan with any necessary changes. A plan without action is useless so we work with you as a coach and an accountability partner to help you with implementation and become more confident with your money.


Access to a CFP® that you can reach out to anytime along with ongoing guidance and implementation assistance.

Electronic access to your financial plan that is secure, simple and where you can view changes immediately.

Meetings 2-4 times a year to review progress and investments, in-person or virtually.

Comprehensive Planning which includes a holistic view of cash flows, retirement, tax, insurance, estate planning, and philanthropy.



Take charge of your financial future!

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